Twitter is soon going to be a thing of the past

It is clear on the last news that Twitter is done for, it is going to vanish faster than MySpace did ten years ago. The reason for this is simple. Twitter is failing to deal with hate and racism on the platform, putting the garbage that Donald Trump (current president of the United States) puts on Twitter. Twitter even refuse judged racists from the UK and don’t even bother to remove the blue badge from the offending profile.

BBC News cover this clearly today (02-12-2017). Their news might just as well write that Twitter is in fact finished and at the end of the road. Donald Trump is going down in history for having destroyed a social platform.

BBC News report

Twitter is paralysed by Trump’s tweeting (BBC News)

Democratic discussions are not possible on social media (Facebook, Twitter, others)

While “arguing” with paid Turkish twitter trolls I got a warning from Twitter about that my account had been temporarily limited for 12 hours. This suggests that I got mass reported by a swarm of twitter troll accounts from Turkey. As they don’t accept any argument of facts of any type of shape. I have long suspected that enemies of freedom and democracy would abuse the security features of social media to silence anyone that argues with them with facts and few minor curse words. After I got the warning from Twitter or the “limited functionality” I processed to block the twitter trolls in question.

What about no and fuck you. I’m not interested in ending in jail in Turkey. Screenshot from Twitter.

Fake accounts is a big problem as explained here in this Guardian article. This person and an other account like it was used to flood my replay and to drown it in pro Erdogan message that everything is fine and Turkey is a democratic country today. While the fact is that is far away from the truth as it possible can be.

As social media is no longer useful to discuss democracy or anything else. I’ll keep to my writing here in the future. At least I won’t get banned from doing so (I host my own website for security reasons).

I forgot the screenshot the warning I got from Twitter. But I got the same message as is explained in this article here. Telling paid twitter propaganda bots (fake account) to fuck off is not abusive behavior. Its a civil duty to do so (it also keeps the trolls away), but because of this. I’ll have to do so here since social media is loosing all meaning and usefulness due to this facts on how social media allows the real abusers to roam free, while punishing those that oppose them severely.

For a long time now I haven’t trusted social media (for many reasons). That’s why I split my account of Iceland geology into its own twitter account just in case this would happen. As it turns out, it did. I drew from my experience with Facebook on this matter and built my own policy from it. That policy is not going to change now and my paranoia of social media is only going to grow from this point forward.

I’ll continue to use social media for now, mostly due to network lock-in and other such annoyances. But trusting it is now out of the question. Since social media companies do not have the will to remove accounts that undermine democratic values, they don’t remove those accounts as they want to keep profits up on cost of society and everything that comes with it. It is also fact, as stated in the documentary “Hypernormalisation” the fact that “angry people click more”. That keeps profit up for social media companies today and has done so for a long time now.

[Speculation] Russia hacks Macron in France

It seems that Russia just hacked the presidential candidate Macron in France. I don’t know what type of hack this, but it shows the signature (without looking at any data, just going by the news) that Russia played a social engineering (Wikipedia) on a person or persons in Macron office or IT department. This is a common factor of an attack in this cases, this is mostly done by a fake link with a false login page or something of that short.

What gives this away as a Russian attack is how it is delivered to the public. It’s done with pastebin website and some random hacker group name. This hacking is no surprise, since Russia favors Marie Le Pen for president of France and currently that’s not going Russia way. This seems to have been (speculation) to have been a last resort attempt to damage Macron campaign if things didn’t go Russia way, as it turns out didn’t.

I don’t read France so I’m only basing my view on what appears in the news. What surprises me most is the poor security Macron campaign seems to have had, because somebody should have noticed that something unusual was going on with data being copied off the server to a third party location. This hack shows many of the same signatures as when Hillary Clinton campaign was hacked by Russia, making it highly likely that Russia was involved in this data dump of presidential candidate Macron.

News coverage at writing of this article

Macron condemns ‘massive’ hacking attack as documents leaked (BBC News)

Banned from Facebook for 24 hours (1 day)

I’ve been banned from Facebook for 24 hours. I apparently broke the rules by telling a white supremacist that he was a waste of space. While Facebook often allows death videos and far brutal comments and posts to stay up on Facebook, even if they bring complaints and reports. Many of those comments and post are of racist nature and often clearly break the law in Europe and the U.S (laws against hate crimes). Facebook view has always been to ignore most of the violence posted on its website, while banning innocent material like naked people and other such things.

Facebook removed and blocked me over this comment here.

They also blocked the messaging feature.

The comment I was answering was this one here.

This comment is however considered to be fine by Facebook double and triple standards so it stays up. I have saved the whole comment section in images for security reasons and archiving. It is clear and according to a little investigation that I did and by experience that Facebook hate posts normally get to stay up, while post that oppose them and people that do so are frequently removed and banned for shorter or longer time period. It has been my experience that reporting hate groups or pages is useless effort 99% of the time, they just get to stay up because they don’t break the rule, yet somehow my comment and many others break the rules. This sounds like a convenience of the rules at best. It appears that 2016 (article here) was worst in this and I got the feeling that its going to get worse from now on. Facebook has been criticized for allowing violence on its website, those complaints have mostly been ignored according to Wikipedia article (it needs a bit of clean-up and updating). That’s just a little part of the problem happening.

What started this was this comment that I made on CBS News (Facebook page) about Marie Le Pen (White supremacist and neo-Nazi in France and a runniner for president of France and European parliament member). It can be seen from this image of the replays (I blocked at least one person from this, his replays don’t appear on this image) how this people ascended on my comment in mostly organized way. There is a good chance this men belong to the same secret group on Facebook where ideas of nationalism and other matters that are both illegal and evil are being discussed.

I have now removed the Facebook Messenger from my mobile phone. I had removed the Facebook client two days ago, just to get rid of it since it was starting to annoy me a bit. I was going to use the website, now I’m just going to use the Desktop version of Facebook since I can’t avoid using Facebook for the time being. Once it becomes possible to remove my self from Facebook that is what I’m going to do. I hope its sooner rather than later.

This website is not on Facebook and I don’t plan to add it to it.


I have deleted this thread on Facebook (this comments still exists in Facebook databases, it doesn’t really get deleted, nothing ever does on Facebook). No reason to give those sick bastards a reason to continue to complain about me and keep banning me off Facebook for it.

I’m also going to take steps to make sure that I can argue or beat the current changes in the political climate. This means I’m going to be using this website here then I originally intended. At least this are websites that are under my control and that matters today, the control of information is now mostly in Facebook giant scope and it is clear (by Donald Trump win) is not healthy at all.

Update two

The Facebook ban has been lifted at around 21:00 UTC (or around that time). BBC News is reporting that Facebook is way darker and scarier then I ever imagined. That news can be read here.

Article updated at 06:23 CET on 07.03.2017.
Article updated at 23:42 CET on 07.03.2017.

Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge has a minor fire risk to its battery

It seems that Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge has a battery fire risk attached to it. I don’t know how big of a problem this currently is. One incident has been reported in Denmark (Ekstrabladed article here in Danish). At the moment there is nothing that suggests that this is a wide spread problem in Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge mobile phones. Since faulty batteries do happen all the time (mostly due to contamination in production), without the whole mobile phone line (Galaxy 7 Edge, etc) being defective.

This incidents appears to be three months apart, given the current data stamp on the Facebook posts in question. The Facebook posts can be viewed below. One of them in in Danish and was written on last Monday (26.12.2016).

The incident in Denmark.

Website censorship increases in Denmark

It seems that in Denmark the censorship of websites has been increasing over the past few years. The list of blocked websites in for the year 2016 Denmark is long and is longer then comparable list from the year 2015. Most of the websites that are blocked are pirate websites along with questionable gambling websites. Most of the websites also seems to have been blocked without getting a proper way trough the court system and have only been blocked at the request of the rights holders (copyright holders). Since this process lacks court oversight and proper procedure. It is not acceptable in my view that copyrights holder gets to block websites just because they say so, that allows for an abuse and that is unacceptable. The block message in Denmark should also show the correct law if those can be found to start with.

Websites blocked in Denmark 2015 can be found here (Danish, pdf).
Websites blocked in Denmark 2016 can be found here (Danish, pdf).

What people see in Denmark when they go to a blocked website.

The blocked message at YouSee/TDC network (mobile). This image is in public domain.

This is the blocked message that Stofa shows people. This image is in public domain.

This type of censorship of the internet is dangerous and not acceptable in my view. But weak government allows this without any oversight or questions. It is also a question of this blocking is allowed at all under Danish law (the constitution of Denmark) that prohibits censorship of all type in Denmark.

You can’t drill a hole in iPhone 7 for Mini-jack

Currently on YouTube there is a video calming that you can drill an hole in it for a mini-jack audio plug-in. This video is completely fake and false. The reason why this doesn’t work is quite simple. Drilling a hole into your mobile phone (expensive mobile phone) is never going to work. All that is going to do is to destroy the phone, as it damages the motherboard and the screen in the process. This type of activity is not covered by any type of warranty. You also need a digital to analogue audio chip on the motherboard for the audio jack, all this needs to be properly soldered on the motherboard. iPhone 7 doesn’t have this digital to analogue chip and is also missing the plug-in part for the mini-jack, that doesn’t magically appear when a hole is drilled into the iPhone 7 frame.

Here is the Youtube video making fool out of people and damaging there iPhone 7 (they are expensive, because Apple).

If you are thinking about doing this. Don’t, it’s stupid and it doesn’t work and is going to void the warranty on your iPhone 7.

Welcome to technical thinking

This is my new website, I’ve owned this domain for several years now having it doing nothing. This website is going to be around my technical life, solutions and debugging stuff.

I spend a lot a time on the computer and I’ve done so for many years. While I’m not employed in the IT industry due to lack of education in the field I know a lot, since I’ve learned a lot over the years and I’m not going to stop learning about computers or IT.

While the subjects covered are going to be different I plan on trying to update this website with new articles when I can and I’m able to. What size and shape those articles are going to be unknown at the moment. I have found that technical websites on the internet today are more of the click bate nature, rather then providing actual solutions to the problems. This website is not about providing solutions to problems that my readers get into. What I’ve been thinking is that I’m going to provide solutions to problems that I get into so it can help someone later that gets into the same issue later and might find that article with an internet search.

At least I’m going to see where and how this develops over the coming years. I currently have knowledge of Linux (most distros), FreeBSD and Windows XP/10. I never used Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 extensively to learn them.

I’m also not going to be on Facebook with this website, since Facebook has started to limit my reach on that platform. Unless I pay and I don’t want to pay Facebook anything. Since they suck at service and always have.